5 Incredible Things We've Achieved in 5 Years

5 Incredible Things We've Achieved in 5 Years

ManukaRx is celebrating its fifth anniversary with 5 million mānuka trees planted and 50,000 orders made. They are grateful for their customers' support and excited to continue providing effective and sustainable skincare solutions. With a new look, new lab, and upcoming product launches, ManukaRx remains committed to harnessing the power of East Cape mānuka oil for healthier skin.

We are ecstatic to announce that ManukaRx will be turning five! After 1,826 days (give or take a couple) we can say that the journey to bring the most effective natural skincare solutions to you while respecting Mother Nature in the process has been a labour of absolute love. Within the past five years, we’ve had the delight of showing the world just how mighty the mānuka plant is, and how it has revolutionised the skincare landscape as the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil – to bring healthier skin and more smiles to your faces. 

Five Million Mānuka Trees Planted!


There’s been quite a lot of fives taking shape as we approach our big anniversary that we simply can’t help gushing about. Since ManukaRx began, we’ve planted 5,000,000 native mānuka trees across New Zealand, helping to bring the once maligned and misunderstood mānuka bush into the spotlight as a versatile and beloved native botanical from the lush landscapes of Aotearoa.

Why does this matter? For so many important reasons. The East Cape of New Zealand is famous for being the first to see the dawn of a new day, yet industries struggled and local communities found it hard to keep youth in the region. Due to the boom in interest all over the world in mānuka, specifically East Cape mānuka and its antibacterial superpowers, opportunities came roaring back into the region. 

It wasn’t for the sake of hitting a milestone, but the milestone that we did hit, we feel represents a burgeoning and bright future of fantastic opportunities and growth in the East Cape region. Sustainable agriculture and practices have also grown to become a first-thought in many purchases, especially skincare. So working with local farms and driving environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of production, from mānuka bush to bottle and beyond, is a phenomenal byproduct that we are happy to be involved with. It’s not just 5,000,000 mānuka trees planted, it’s 5,000,000 steps in the right direction to bettering our lands with native flora. 

50,000 Orders Made!

Wow. That’s all we can say. To hit 50,000 orders made by you, our incredible customers, just means the world to us! To read of the journeys to better skincare naturally while overcoming some of your biggest skin challenges, and hearing the excitement when you achieve and exceed your skin goals brings a smile to our faces. And it solidifies our mission in driving holistic and effective science-backed skincare from the best Mother Nature has to offer. 

To put it simply, we wouldn’t be here without you. Because of your orders, we’ve been able to explore new paths and introduce more products, all the while supporting local communities with local industry. And because of that, we want to give you 50,000 thank you’s for being a part of this delightful dermal adventure we’ve been on together, whether you’ve been with us from the start, or just now starting to use ManukaRx in your skin regimen. 

Same Us, New Look!

Restorative Trio Image

You know when you put on your favourite outfit, look in the mirror, and that tickling of confidence fills your body? That’s what it felt like to design and launch the all new look for ManukaRx in April 2021, with that electrifying feeling of boundless excitement and satisfaction at our “new look” we worked on for so long. And we think, from your reactions, that you loved it too. 

The new look wasn’t just changing appearance, it was moving in exhilarating and bold new directions while staying true to our original spirit – to develop the highest quality scientifically formulated products to drive your skin health and hydration to new levels. 

We now have 18 fantastic formulations in the ManukaRx product family, all with the same heart of East Cape mānuka oil crafted to fill in any gaps in your anti-aging, acne prevention, or skin health routines. From the mellow yellow for your everyday needs to pastel greens for those blemishes and the rose-coloured hues on pro-aging products. While we LOVE the new look, we just know beautiful skin looks even better on you.

Launching soon in a BIG way!

Have you ever heard of Farmers? We thought so. And we cannot contain the giddiness of announcing that our ManukaRx skincare lineup is launching in Farmers, New Zealand’s largest department store chain in New Zealand! Which means getting a hold of the best skincare solution to your skin challenges has never been easier and hopefully will drive even more growth in the East Cape region, and awareness for our our skincare’s hero ingredient, East Cape mānuka oil.

New Experts, New Lab, New New New!

If you cannot tell, we are just a little bit excited. In June we built our very own lab inside of our office, while also adding a Cosmetic Chemist, Merve, on board! These new and exciting changes will allow us to dive deep into solving dermal frustrations while crafting new products as well. Nature holds an incredible wealth of benefits for our bodies and we are thrilled to take our next steps into furthering the synergy between science, skincare, and nature.  

It doesn’t stop there…

We’ve come a long way over the past five years but we aren’t putting our feet up and slowing down, and we have some exciting things in the pipeline to come. ManukaRx is on its way to becoming a BCorp Certified business which our Sustainability Officer, Ruth, is taking the lead on as we grow to the next level for our environmental responsibilities and endeavors to be as friendly to the planet as possible. And not just that, a BCorp certified company is held to the highest standards across the board from sustainability, employee benefits, social and community impact, and more. 

Image of woman holding Hydrating Mist Toner

Talking about the pipeline, we are on cloud nine about new products coming your way later on this year. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to sharing the magic of East Cape mānuka and the unmatched benefits of the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil and its profound antioxidant effects. 

ManukaRx strives to help more people around the world conquer their skin challenges and achieve their skin goals better, naturally, to support inflammation, improve skin healing and cell turnover, and provide optimal skin health and hydration. 

Here’s to the next five years with you, and a thank you to each and every one of our customers, our wonderful company staff and partners, and our community all driving us to new horizons. 

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