Celebrating 6 Glorious Years: Expansion, Innovation and Restoration

Celebrating 6 Glorious Years: Expansion, Innovation and Restoration

Can you believe it's been 6 amazing years since we embarked on this mānuka oil skincare adventure? As we blow out the candles on our 6th birthday cake, let's take a stroll down memory lane through the dazzling moments that made 2023 a year to remember. Our dedication to harnessing the incredible power of East Cape mānuka oil for healthier skin stands stronger than ever.

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As our skincare company reaches its 6th year of existence, we reflect upon the incredible journey we've undertaken. 2023 has been a monumental year filled with achievements that have solidified our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the skincare industry. Join us as we take a closer look at the remarkable milestones that have shaped this transformative year.

Revival Set

Product Launches & Formula Upgrades

This year was all about embracing your inner radiance and we reaffirmed our dedication to skincare excellence by introducing three new products to our collection. We rolled out a brand new Brightening collection and welcomed four new products into the range; the Brightening Serum, Eye Cream, Daily Glow Brightening Cream and Vitamin C Gel Cleanser. These additions were meticulously formulated with kakadu plum extract (the world’s highest natural form of Vitamin C) and mānuka oil to enhance your skincare natural radiance, and leave you with visibly brighter skin.

And that's not all, we proudly relaunched our Pro-Aging Collection as the Collagen Restore range, featuring updated formulations that harness the power of nature to revitalise and rejuvenate skin. Infused with restorative East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil, this collection works synergistically to naturally boost collagen I & III production, delivering unmatched results for your skin.

Restorative Skin Oil

Award Nominations

Our commitment to clean and conscious skincare got us on the radar for some fantastic awards. We are honoured to have received recognition from esteemed platforms in the beauty and wellness industry. Our dedication has led to nominations in the Clean & Conscious Awards, while our innovative products have caught the eye of Verve Magazine, Health.com, and Pure Beauty, earning us prestigious award nominations that underscore our commitment to quality


Restorative Trio image

Making Industry Waves: A Spotlight on Us

The beauty industry's most respected voices have taken note of our contributions. With features in publications like Verve, FQ, NZ Herald, Urban List, Pop Sugar, and Beauty Matter, our brand's impact on skincare trends and industry innovation has been acknowledged on a global scale.


Team Expansion: Our Growing Family 

A company is only as strong as its team, and we are thrilled to welcome Tash, Kelly, Brooke, and Teresa to our growing family. Their unique talents and diverse expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and evolution of ManukaRx.


ManukaRx at Farmers

Retail Milestone

ManukaRx is now available in more than 50 stores across ManukaRx, including Farmer's stores across the country. Other stores include gift stores and independent pharmacies across New Zealand.

Image of the mānuka leaf

B Corp Certification

Sustainability is a core part of ManukaRx and to demonstrate our commitment to this, we’ve been on the B Corp journey for the past 1.5 years, getting the brand ready for certification. The brand is due to be certified by the end of the year. A certified B Corporation, or B Corp, is a for-profit enterprise that meets “the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” 

Image of the East Cape

Restoring the land

Did you know that for every order, we plant a native mānuka tree?

Right now, we are growing 50,000 mānuka seedlings at Te Kaha, a small town in the East Cape of New Zealand. When the seedlings are ready, they will be planted within our mānuka fields and used to create our pure and potent hero skincare ingredient, mānuka oil. Through our efforts, we're nurturing the land that gives us so much, ensuring a greener, cleaner world for generations to come. 5,068,976 trees have been planted to date

All of the ManukaRx products

Hello, America

ManukaRx skincare is now available in the USA. For our customers based in the United States, we offer fast & free shipping from our in-country warehouse selection of our skincare is available on Amazon, and we’re working on getting ManukaRx into more doors throughout the country (watch this space).


As we celebrate six remarkable years in the skincare industry, we are grateful for the support of our customers, partners, and team members who have made these milestones possible. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated in our mission to create innovative mānuka oil based skincare solutions that inspire confidence, promote wellness, and contribute to a more sustainable world. 


Thank you all for being a part of the mānuka oil story, here's to many more years of radiant skin!

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