ManukaRx Ways to Prioritise Selfcare this Holiday Season

ManukaRx Ways to Prioritise Selfcare this Holiday Season

Don't let the holiday season derail your self-care routine. Take time for yourself with an Epsom salt bath infused with East Cape mānuka oil, cook yourself a nourishing breakfast, do something kind for someone else, unplug and decompress, take a walk outside, and indulge in a rejuvenating facial. Prioritize self-care and maintain balance this holiday season.

As much as the holiday season is filled with cheer, it’s also filled with a little amount of stress. Okay, maybe a bit more than a little. And in this chaotically jolly season of trying to squeeze in family and friend gatherings, shopping, large work parties or social gatherings and more – it is easy to lose the reins of your daily self-care regimen and let it veer way off course. We want to help you keep control during this holiday season to prioritise YOU, and maintain your self-care routine as best as possible. 

Relax in an Epsom salt bath

A hot bath in Epsom salts is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, as they are amazing for aches and pains or sore muscles after a long day of shopping and fighting the holiday crowds. It’s also a perfect way to have a bit of space to yourself and nourish your skin. Add a few drops of 100% East Cape mānuka oil into your bath and emerge after a wonderful soak feeling relaxed and radiant. 

Wake up early to cook yourself breakfast

Oftentimes we get caught up with doing so much for other people in the holiday season, that we forget ourselves. And that includes eating! Before everyone is awake and the madness of multiple family members converging on the kitchen, wake up 20 minutes early and cook yourself breakfast. Just. For. You. Whip up a meal that makes you smile and your belly happy so you can have time to yourself in the morning and start the day on the right foot before the growling stomachs arrive.

Do something for someone else

While much of this list focuses on doing something for ourselves, a fulfilling way to do some selfcare is also to do something for someone else, which will boost your mood and make you feel good all the while. This could be something as simple as a quick “hey, how are you?!” text to check in on someone, or offering to help someone with something that’s coming up. However small it might seem to give someone a helping hand, it could make a world of difference to them. And ultimately, that’ll come back to you if karma has anything to do with it!

Unplug, silence the phone, and do something to decompress

One of the absolute best ways to selfcare at any point in the year, not just the holiday season, is to unplug and escape the phone or laptop for a while. With so much already demanding your attention, the last thing you want to do is be glued to your phone or computer during your downtime having to reply non-stop to people. Silence those notifications on your phone and decompress with a good book you’ve been meaning to read, or even kick back and relax with a TV series you’ve been wanting to catch up on distraction free.

Take a walk or a run outside 

It’s been proven that being around nature improves your mood, and escaping the indoors for a bit of outdoors can be an incredible mood and energy booster. Whenever you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, or even just need a quick breath of fresh air, go for a stroll outside or a run to get those endorphins flowing! This will also help keep you on track for your fitness goals during the stretchy trouser season of large feasts!

Do a facemask or an at-home facial

There’s just something utterly refreshing about a face mask or facial, like getting rid of the old to make way for the new, and it’s one of our top pampering tips for selfcare this season to look radiant for every gathering you go to. An exfoliator, like the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant, can take the years away from your face and leave you looking and feeling younger. Before you settle into a selfcare session with an at home facials or facemask, use the exfoliator to gently scrub away dead skin, even out skin texture, and make way for new revitalised skin. 

This holiday season, remember that there is no shame in making you and your selfcare a priority! Tick some of these steps off the list and maintain a healthier balance over the holidays!

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