The Search for the Perfect Moisturiser – How To Find Your Match

The Search for the Perfect Moisturiser – How To Find Your Match

Unlock glowing skin secrets with mānuka oil and gain the confidence you deserve! Master consistency with our time-saving and budget-friendly skincare routine.

Finding the right moisturiser is no different than finding your significant other—it takes time, as well as being intentional in choosing what aligns with your standards.

We’re here to simplify your search for the right moisturiser that’s perfect for your skin type and skincare goals!

Moisturising as a way of life

The road to healthy skin begins with a good foundation, AKA moisturisers. This powerhouse is your all-around skin hero as it works its magic all at once: from replenishing lost moisture, keeping it locked in, to reinforcing your skin’s natural defences.


Bringing the perfect moisturiser into your skincare routine will keep your skin happy by ensuring it's shielded from external factors like UV rays, extreme temperatures, allergens, harsh chemicals, and pollution. The result? - brighter complexion with soft, smooth, and well-hydrated skin.

Finding the right match for your skin

Moisturisers aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of product. In this case, to each (skin), their own.

Before getting to know your moisturiser, you have to get to know your skin first and to get familiar with the different types of moisturisers available.

Skin Type


Recommended Moisturisers

Oily Skin

Skin appears consistently shiny.

Gel moisturisers: Lightweight, water-based, quick absorption, non-greasy finish.

Dry Skin

Skin feels tight, flaky, or scaly.

Creams: Rich, emollient, deep moisturisation, long-lasting hydration.


Shine primarily in the T-zone.

Lotions: Slightly thicker than gels, balance hydration and nourishment.

Narrowing down the options

Now that you’ve figured out what’s in the market, it’s time to line up your roster with nothing but the best of the best.

Oily skin

Look for moisturisers that are lightweight and won't clog pores. We recommend using the Daily Glow Brightening Cream for oily skin. 

Image of the Daily Brightening Cream

This non-comedogenic cream is specially designed to control excess oil production in the skin, helping to reduce shine and prevent clogged pores. It hydrates and brightens the skin, all while it corrects and prevents dark spots.

Dry skin

Choose a cream that is rich and nourishing to help hydrate and restore the skin's moisture barrier. We recommend using Clearing Face Cream for dry skin.

This cream is rich in moisturising ingredients, including nature's best, mānuka oil. This superstar ingredient features anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which provide deep hydration to combat dryness and soothe parched skin. 

Mature and sensitive skin

Look for moisturisers that include anti-aging ingredients which help to reduce fine lines. For sensitive skin, opt for products labelled as "fragrance-free" and "gentle," and avoid any harsh or irritating ingredients. We recommend our Firming Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream duo for mature and sensitive skin.

Our firming day cream hydrates skin increases collagen production, and minimises the appearance of pigmentation. 

Image of the Restorative Trio


Nighttime is when your skin naturally goes into repair mode. Our nourishing night cream supports that process, helping your skin rejuvenate and restore itself while you sleep. It provides deep and long-lasting hydration, addressing the dryness commonly associated with mature skin. Ultimately, this super-hydrating moisturiser restores skin health minimises fine lines, and boosts collagen production.

With a natural and gentle formulation, these two steer clear of harsh chemicals and fragrances, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Combination skin (oily and dry skin)

Get a moisturiser that strikes a balance. Gel-based moisturisers work well for oily areas (like the T-zone), while a slightly richer lotion or cream can address the drier areas like your cheeks, for example. We recommend the Daily Glow Brightening Cream for combination skin.

This ultra-lightweight daily cream caters to all skin types, providing balanced hydration. It controls excess oil in the T-zone, evens skin tone, prevents breakouts, and keeps pores unclogged, addressing common concerns for combination skin.

Mistakes to avoid when moisturising

  1. Over-moisturising: Too much moisturiser can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and excessive oil production. Stick to the recommended pea-sized amount for your delicate face.
  2. Using the wrong moisturiser: Picking a moisturiser that's unsuitable for your skin type can result in breakouts or irritation. Stick to the formulations we've suggested above, matched to your skin type.
  3. Moisturiser for oily skin is a no-go: Truth is, even oily skin needs some TLC from moisturisers to keep it hydrated.
  4. Neglecting the neck and decolletage camouflage: Your neck and chest are like early indicators of signs of aging, so don't forget to pamper them!
  5. Old or expired products aren’t that bad. Aside from ineffective results, using old or expired products can lead to side effects or, worse, skin irritation. Use your moisturiser in tip-top shape, preferably within 6 months of opening. 
  6. A moisturiser is all you need: While moisturisers are essential, remember that true hydration starts from within. Sip on plenty of water and enjoy foods rich in water content to help keep your skin wonderfully hydrated. Your skin will thank you in the future.

In Conclusion

Picking the perfect moisturiser is key to safeguarding your skin from the wear and tear of daily life. Choosing the right product that addresses your specific concerns and preferences is a must.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the long list of options or unsure which product is right for you, fear not! Our team is here to offer personalised recommendations based on your unique skin profile. Simply reach out to us for a one-on-one consultation, or take our skin quiz to discover your ideal match. We're here to help you achieve your skincare goals and put your best face forward!

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