How To Include The Gentle Oil Cleanser In Your Skincare Routine

How To Include The Gentle Oil Cleanser In Your Skincare Routine

Discover the transformative benefits of incorporating a gentle oil cleanser into your skincare routine. Minimise pores, hydrate skin, and deeply cleanse for a radiant complexion.

Cleansing is one of the most critical steps in almost every skincare routine. It unclogs your pores, helps remove dirt and makeup, and prepares your skin to absorb more skincare products later in your regime. 

And the best of them can be a gentle oil cleanser!

But how do you incorporate a gentle oil cleanser into your skincare routine? What are the real benefits of it all? If you’ve been stuck with these questions, keep reading and find out the best ways to use a gentle oil cleanser for double cleansing like never before!

What is an oil cleanser?

With all the different types of cleansers already out there, we know another type can look confusing. That said, an oil cleanser is a specially formulated cleanser with an oil base— usually a blend of multiple nourishing oils. 

This formula makes an oil cleanser excellent for soothing damaging skin, breaking down waterproof makeup, and nourishing your skin. Unlike coconut oil, these cleansers do not linger on your skin and can be rinsed, so you don’t have to worry about clogging your pores.

Are oil cleansers good for all skin types? 

Yes, all skin types can benefit from an oil cleanser, especially if the formula can be rinsed with water and doesn’t leave you with an oily residue. 

However, using an oil cleanser in your skincare routine depends on your personal preference as well as how heavy your sunscreen and makeup usage is. 

Benefits of a gentle oil cleanser

Before we get to how to use a gentle oil cleanser, let’s discuss why you should. Dermatologists and experts agree that a gentle oil cleanser has many benefits for your skin, both in the short and long term! 

So here are the 3 main benefits of our gentle oil cleanser, apart from removing makeup:

1. Minimises pores and reduces blackheads

Any other cleanser will strip away your natural oil within a single use. But that doesn’t happen with an oil-based cleanser. A gentle oil cleanser can instead draw out excessive sebum– notorious for causing breakouts, enlarged pores, and blackheads) without stripping the good oils away from your skin. 

And so, with an oil-based cleanser, you can actually minimise your pores and get rid of blackheads! 

2. Hydrates the skin

Our Gentle Oil Cleanser is enriched with nourishing and restorative ingredients that enhance your skin’s hydration and provide essential nutrients to refresh your skin.

Here are some of the ingredients in our gentle cleanser and what they can do for you:

  • Mānuka Oil: Visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces blemishes and dark spots, and protects the skin against UV rays.
  • Squalane Oil: Naturally enhances your skin's moisture barrier and prevents dryness for deeply nourished skin.
  • Rosehip Oil: Packed with antioxidants to help with anti-aging, elasticity, and collagen production. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Avocado Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids to deeply moisturise your skin, promote softness and increase skin elasticity.
  •  Jojoba Oil: Penetrates the skin easily to reduce water loss and create a protective film on the skin.
3. Deeply cleanses your skin with deeper penetration

Oil cleansers can penetrate the skin deeper than other types of cleansers out there. This makes it more effective in drawing out bacteria, dirt, and other impurities breaking your skin’s healthy barrier. 

So, using a gentle oil cleanser can remove all impurities tucked in your pores without causing breakouts, irritation, or dryness. 

How to use a gentle oil cleanser

Using our gentle oil cleanser isn’t rocket science at all! We know skincare routines can appear confusing, hectic, and frustrating to regular users. That’s why we formulated the gentle oil cleanser to be simple and relaxing to use. 

Here’s how: 

  1. As the first step in your skincare routine, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. 
  2. Then, apply 2-3 pumps of the Gentle Oil Cleanser to your skin and gently massage it for a few minutes. This allows the cleanser to work deep into your skin and boost circulation for a healthy complexion.
  3. Once you’ve noticed your makeup and dirt have been removed, rinse your face with warm water again. 
  4. Repeat the process twice a day to get the best results!

P.S. Did you know that our gentle oil cleanser turns into cleansing milk upon contact with water? 

Final Thoughts

A Gentle Oil Cleanser is the next “it” item in the modern skincare routine. Teeming with healing and replenishing ingredients, this powerhouse product helps you break down stubborn makeup that your micellar water often leaves in your skin. You can explore our Gentle Oil Cleanser here!

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